Should I have my silver fillings taken out?

This is a serious and loaded question. What I would ask you is this: “Why would you want them removed?” Is it because you don’t like the look of them? Or are you concerned about health risks?

Either way, the choice is ultimately yours. If you are unhappy with their appearance, this is a valid cosmetic issue that can be rectified. Except in the rare case of an allergy, we believe there are no health concerns regarding silver fillings. For more information click here.

Other that the rare case where a sensitivity exists we don’t feel that any alleged health concerns should scare you into having their silver fillings replaced. We would also encourage patients to examine the motives of dentists who advocate the all-out removal of silver fillings and state that it may cure an unrelated illness. Regardless, if you do elect to have them replaced, we are always willing to discuss the types of materials we use in your teeth.  Ultimately, the choice is yours.